Het Milf Den Haag profiel van Whiskey Sour

Gebruikersnaam: Whiskey Sour
Leeftijd: 50
Land: Nederland
Provincie: Zuid-Holland
Geslacht: Man
Sexualiteit: Straight
Haarkleur: Blonde
Oogkleur: Blue
Gewicht: 85 Kg
Geschoren: yes
Ladies, I am pretty new in town - and my Dutch is nearly non existent; so I apologize for writing in English. I am looking for a real lady, who is basically tough and proud, but who can submit to me being a pure dominant. In general, I do not seek a very close relationship. However, who knows, maybe we get closer as we initially dreamt. But it must be crystal clear for you that I am the only one in your sex life. Of course, the same rule applies for me. If you want to be pushed to your limits, do not hesitate to send me a message. And I would really appreciate, if you sent me your message in English!
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